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On Avalon

On Avalon aims to enhance the experience, safety, and vitality of Avalon Boulevard between C and I streets. Building on the existing vibrancy of the corridor, LA-Más will pilot three temporary, tactical, and tangible installations to create a welcoming atmosphere and draw the Wilmington community together on the boulevard. In concert with these installations, On Avalon will partner with local businesses and community members to curate community events that will provide an opportunity to experience Avalon in a new way, test out the pilots, and provide feedback to inform permanent improvements. At the end of the pilot effort, a roadmap will be created to outline next steps, several of which will be implemented in early 2016. Funded by Councilmember Joe Buscaino, led by LA-Más, and in partnership with the community, On Avalon puts Avalon Boulevard on the road to becoming, once again, the heart of Wilmington.

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