Meet the Team

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Avalon Ambassadors

Our Summer 2015 Avalon Ambassadors are local youth, all Wilmington residents and most attending Banning High School, who have been hired through the mayor’s summer youth employment program.  They were primarily focused on outreach and feedback, and will be sure to keep us in touch with the Wilmington community.

Eric Lederhos

Eric Lederhos has lived in Wilmington since the age of 6. He attended Banning High School and transferred to Winter YouthBuild in San Pedro. Eric will be attending LA Harbor College in the fall. His hobbies are playing guitar and skateboarding. Eric enjoys working in the community to make it a better one. His favorite thing about Wilmington is how the community comes together and helps each other out and all around cares for each other. Wilmington has a lot of pride and he’s proud to be a part of it.

Osvaldo Garcia

Osvaldo Garcia was born and raised in Wilmington. He attended Phineas Banning High School and graduated from Winter YouthBuild in San Pedro. Now he will attend Harbor College, and study to become a vet assistant. In his spare time he likes to ride his skateboard and listen to music. His favorite thing about living in Wilmington is how strong people’s bonds are between one another.



Gabriela Medina | Field Deputy

As the Harbor City and Wilmington Field Deputy for Councilman Joe Buscaino, Gabriela Medina serves as the liaison between the City of Los Angeles and its constituency. She manages and coordinates the implementation of city services, community events, and works closely with other elected officials’ representatives, local businesses, and not for profit partners in the community. Her previous experience in working with youth allows her to serve as the Councilman’s youth liaison, ensuring that teens throughout the District are provided with opportunities that will strengthen their ability to become successful.

Gaby works collectively with residents and local non profit organizations to address quality of life issues, while promoting civic engagement and pride through efforts such as i Heart Wilmington. Most recently, Gaby led the renovation efforts at the Banning Park and Recreation Center which includes a new outdoor basketball court with lighting, external painting of the two main buildings, new picnic furniture, and newly resurfaced ADA parking lots. Bringing together Sharefest, private donors, the City of LA Department of Recreation & Parks, and hundreds of volunteers, a $1 million renovation was completed on May 2, 2015.