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How will On Avalon deal with safety issues and concerns?

We are exploring a range of ideas to address safety, including lighting and other efforts. Our hope is that at the end of our project timeline Avalon will be more thoroughly activated, with more feet on the street creating a safer and more accessible environment.

If bicycle infrastructure is implemented, how can usage of bike lanes be safer?

If bicycle infrastructure is implemented, one way to address safety in the bike lines would be to instigate a safe cycling campaign to educate cyclists, drivers, and pedestrians about best practices for urban cycling.

What precautions will be taken to make sure projects, such as parklets, remain secure (from theft, graffiti, etc.)?

Projects will either be installed for the duration of a single event, or, if installed for a longer period, will be adopted by businesses and community leaders to ensure that they are cared for during their time on the street. Project elements that are intended to remain unsupervised for a longer period will be securely fixed in place. If you want to adopt all or part of a project, let us know!


If facade improvements are part of the On Avalon permanent projects, how will businesses be chosen to participate?

Good question! In the event façade improvements are implemented, we will be sure to set up a process that is inclusive, open, and equitable.


Landscaping would clearly benefit the community, but how will new vegetation be maintained? Who will be in charge of the upkeep?

Any maintenance requirements, including the care of new landscaping, will be paired with a community partner who will ensure the long-term maintenance needs of the installation will be met.  We are excited to have the support of Clean Wilmington.

What precautions will be taken to avoid damages and misuse of the sidewalk furniture pieces/ installments?

While we can’t guarantee no damage or misuse will occur, as with the landscaping, community partners will be identified to maintain and remediate any issues that arise.


How will cultural programming be made more accessible to students and community members that are not available to attend events on weekdays?

Events will be scheduled during weeknights and weekends, and every effort will be made to schedule them at the most convenient time for all community members. If you’re unable to make it to an event, please contact us and we’ll do our best to give you an update on what’s happening with the project.

If community art pieces are implemented, such as murals and workshops, who will get a say in the type of designs that are displayed and who maintains them?

We will do our best to both provide ample time for feedback on the projects, and to make sure that what is eventually implemented responds to the feedback received.

How will community engagement/outreach be increased to receive the best feedback for cultural programming?

Working with our network of community partners, we’ll strive to continually increase and improve our outreach to largest community audience possible.

How can community members become a part of the cultural programming partnerships?

Community members can interested in partnership opportunities can subscribe to our mailing list, or contact us directly through the links on the contact page. 

Will information from the cultural programming events be readily available for Spanish-speaking community members?

Outreach and event material will be provided in both English and Spanish, and Spanish-speakers from our team will be at all events. We are also exploring the use of translation kits offered by SBCC. Resources involving future plans and the Roadmap, which will guide Phase 2, will be printed in both English and Spanish.

I am a local business owner, how will the pilot projects and any permanent changes affect my business?

The goal of the project is for all changes to be positive for the existing businesses and community. Our hope is that an enhanced, friendlier, and more accessible atmosphere on Avalon Boulevard will lead to increased foot traffic and use of the corridor, benefiting both businesses and those who call Wilmington home.