On Avalon is intended to enhance the safety, experience, and vibrancy of Avalon Boulevard between C and I Street. Building on the existing existing vibrancy of the corridor, three temporary, tactical, and tangible pilot installations will create an opportunity for meaningful community dialogue. In concert with these installations and in partnership with community members, a series of community events will provide an opportunity to experience Avalon in a new way. The project itself is funded by the Office of Councilmember Joe Buscaino. By using creative tools for meaningful community engagement, LA-Más will create a community-informed roadmap featuring permanent projects to be implemented in early 2016.

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On Avalon will be completed within a year and take place in two phases.

To test ideas, the first phase of this project will include three months of pilot projects starting in June and featuring design interventions that demonstrate long-term solutions. Simultaneously, to engage the community in a larger conversation about need, we will also curate cultural programming to unpack the value of the pilot projects and provide an opportunity for community feedback. Informed by the pilots, we will create a roadmap that outlines community-based projects and features actionable next steps. Afterward, we will embark on the second phase of the project, which will include the implementation of several of the roadmap action items.

Phase 1 / Pilots & Roadmap

Starting in July 2015 and spanning through September 2015, three pilot projects will be implemented. Throughout the duration of this time, along with the pilot projects, LA-Más will follow with a mix of cultural programming to receive feedback from Wilmington community members. Check the calendar page for the next public event.

Phase 2 / Implementation

Resulting from a partnership with Wilmington community members, local organizations, and youth ambassadors, LA-Más will use informed feedback to create a Roadmap. Starting in November and leading into early 2016, the steps outlined in the Roadmap will be implemented on Avalon Blvd. to create permanent improvements in Wilmington.



To provide an experience that is tactical and tangible, our pilot projects will be physical in nature. Our hope is that these short-term trials will feature low cost solutions that have the potential for high-impact and long-term change. Check back frequently for pilot project information, to be posted as they develop.

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This project will succeed only with the support of Wilmington stakeholders. To that end, we will look to partner with local organizations on all aspects of the project. In addition, we have hired local youth through the Mayor’s Youth Hire program to serve as youth ambassadors, a population that we hope to target more specifically. 

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On Avalon will take place along Avalon Boulevard from C to I streets, focusing on the user experience from the street to the storefront.