New Year Updates On Avalon.

New Year Updates On Avalon.

New Year Updates On Avalon.

By Nikki Polizzoto, Spanish translation by Alyssa Lopez

The New Year is here and with it, many new updates On Avalon!

The Strategic Roadmap has arrived!

Informed by a lively unveiling of the draft of the roadmap last month, the On Avalon Project Roadmap is complete! A digital copy of the report can be viewed here in both English & Spanish. A hard copy is now available for viewing at the Wilmington Municipal Building. Thank you for your visionary ideas and continuous support throughout the process!

Big Belly Trash Bins are coming soon!

Informed by the recent design competition, LA-Más refined the artwork for official processing. Council District 15 has ordered 10 bins for Wilmington (with the new foot pedal design) and they will be on the streets by the end of the month.

Support For Small Businesses!

And last, but certainly not least, we are excited to start a new and innovative small business support program. With the goal of implementing services that the community feels are most important and turning the strategic roadmap into action, a small business concierge service geared towards local businesses along Avalon Boulevard will launch this year. This initiative, spearheaded by LA-Más in conjunction with Council District 15, will not only provide essential services and advice for small businesses, it will also feature a facade makeover program for storefronts. This program is specifically designed to support current businesses while attracting new ones to Avalon Boulevard.

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