Written by Rachel Lindt; All images by Javi de Leon

On the evening of Thursday, August 13th over 150 Wilmington community members activated a portion of Avalon Boulevard that is often without visitors come sundown. With an outdoor movie, free catered food, and an installation of lights, the Wilmington Municipal Building parking lot became a hub of community activity. In order to capture feedback about Pilot 2 from attendees and inform the direction of Pilot 3, LA-Más created two stations for community engagement. The following is an overview of the two strategies and some highlighted results:

The Comment Card: Safety

The first opportunity to respond to Pilot 2 was in the form of a comment card. While movie-goers waited in line to get their meal, they filled out the comment card and presented it in exchange for a free dinner (see image on the right). The comment card asked:

  • Does this lighting make you feel safer?
  • What are the other ways we can make Avalon feel safe?

We received approximately 120 comment cards from attendees. A majority of the comments answered that the lighting installation made them feel safer, leaving only 19 attendees with a response that the lighting installation did not result in feeling safer.

The responses to the ways in which Avalon could be made safer covered a wide range of ideas, but largely focused on the need for more lighting along the corridor of Avalon Boulevard (42 responses) and more police surveillance (36 responses). Many of the comment comment cards also pointed out that the community would like there to be more community events held regularly, such as the movie screening event.

The Feedback Station: Activities

Attendees were also given an opportunity to provide feedback on the direction and content of Pilot 3, which centers on activities and events on Avalon Boulevard.

The poster board provided example images of events and activities from across L.A., along with an empty space for attendees to fill in their own ideas. Examples of existing activities and events from L.A. included a community walk or run to raise awareness for a cause, a music festival, an art walk, and a mini CicLAvia – all with spaces for attendees to place stickers (see image above).


With three colored stickers, attendees shared their first, second, and third choices for events and activities on Avalon Boulevard. Moviegoers voted by using the red sticker for first choice, the green sticker for their second choice, and the yellow sticker for their third choice.
By the end of the evening, a majority of red stickers (connoting attendees’ first choice) were placed below the community walk/run to raise awareness for a cause and a mini-CicLAvia. These results suggest that Wilmington residents are interested in having active events and activities on Avalon. Another community favorite was the desire to highlight the creative energy in the community through an art & music festival.

In addition, community-generated ideas and themes emerged from the evening. Examples included:

  • A community plaza for shopping
  • A place where you can walk with your family and enjoy a cool evening
  • An art gallery
  • A place to have cultural events and a dance theatre for children

With the rich feedback gained from Pilot 2, we are moving forward with planning Pilot 3. Keep your eyes open for more information about Pilot 3!

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